Something in the air…


Everyone regretted scheduling the photo shoot for after lunch…

Girl on right: ” I… can’t… hold… my breath… any… more…”

Girl on left: “Hey, it ain’t my fault I got gas. No one told my mamma to make her famous broccoli surprise for lunch.”

Girl on right: “I… hate you… so much… right now…”

Girl on left: “And then she served ice cream for dessert. It sure was delicious, but mamma knows that rocky road rips through my system like a freight train headed for the coast.”

Girl on right: “Passing… out…”

Girl on left: “Oh hush, drama queen. You’ll get used to the stench… eventually.”


Shocking, isn’t it?


If by “whimsical” you mean, “a nutcracker  with a face that looks like someone just shoved an electric cattle prod up its ass,” then yeah, this is VERY whimsical.

(Patrick, I will completely understand if you never speak to me again.)


Blown to bits and pieces


“Happy birthday! I crocheted you a floating crayon wizard, the head of a decapitated clown, two leprechauns being held at gun point against a bowl, some Christmas things, the ugliest basket in the world and some flowers in a vase. ENJOY!!”

In the club


I have some questions for you, pattern book:

Is the cigar for the creepy-faced bunny? If so, why?

What the Hell is the laughing baby holding? Is that a hot dog in a tampon?

Who killed the clowns, and where are their bodies?

Are those cars or space ships?

I eagerly await your answers.