Don’t push me…


“Look lady, I don’t care if we’re in the middle of a photo shoot. You either push me on the swing now, or I throw the mother of all temper tantrums and ruin the rest of your day.”




OK… so, generic super princesses fine.
Generic Superman… OK.
Generic G.I. Joe… sure.
Generic… Skeletor? I mean, it’s close enough, I guess…
And generic… He-Man?
I mean, it’s a stretch at best, but let’s face it, they lost any hope of gaining points by painting on the unibrow. I honestly don’t remember the hero of Eternia ever being in need to going to a threader.

Granny’s square…


Lady on left: “Just keep smiling until she drives off…”

Girl on right: “Can’t that car go any faster?”

Lady on left: “Right? As soon as grandma’s out of sight, we can take off these hideous sweaters.”

Girl on right: “I appreciate her making us stuff, but damn, theses things are awful.”

Lady on left: “I feel kinda bad, but there is no way in Hell I’m wearing this potholder in public.”

Girl on right: “Good thing she only visits once a year.”

Lady on left: “I lover her to death, but I really hope that yarn store burns down soon.”

On a wall indeed!


Girl: “I wanna be a pretty princess!”

Boy on right: “I wanna be a brave knight!”

Boy on wall: “I wanna be a brave knight too!”

Director: “Sorry Billy. You are getting the Humpty Dumpty costume.”

Boy on wall: “But why?”

Director: “Because no one likes you. Now smile for the camera.”