It’s in the bag


I guess this needs to convert into a tote because the nine thousand pockets already on this thing just won’t be enough to carry all your crap? And what’t the point of making the sample look the same on the inside AND the outside?
Maybe this thing should be called the Pointlessly Reversible Jacket.
And I get that this is a pretty basic shape, but there are VERY few patterns that work well from a size small to triple extra large, especially ones that turn into functioning bags.


The 70’s called…


If you stare at those blue hats long enough, the theme song to What’s Happening will start playing in your head. If you don’t hear the What’s Happening theme, but instead hear the theme song to Maude, you’ll need to seek medical attention as quickly as possible.

Put a bow on it


“Basic” craft supplies…

Like people just have hundreds of yard of tissue lamé ribbon hanging around the house.

Also, if you are one of the fortunate people to NOT remember the late 80’s/early 90’s trend of everyone on the planet wanting to make hair bows and accessories:

A – You’re one of the lucky ones. Count your blessings and move forward.

B – This book of instructions is but the tip of the terrible crafting iceberg.

C – Yes, yours truly made his fair share of awful, AWFUL hair accessories.

Hair bows, man… why did it have to be hair bows?

It’s in the bag


OK, so who wrote this? Lynn Paulin or Betty McKay?
Look, if I’m buying a book that shows me how to make the world’s ugliest bags and belts, I’d appreciate not having the added confusion of which author’s name I need to be cursing as I walk down the street fending off public ridicule from wearing them.