In the club


I have some questions for you, pattern book:

Is the cigar for the creepy-faced bunny? If so, why?

What the Hell is the laughing baby holding? Is that a hot dog in a tampon?

Who killed the clowns, and where are their bodies?

Are those cars or space ships?

I eagerly await your answers.


For a good time…


Let’s see…
Barbie has been a doctor, an astronaut, an equestrian,
a scientist and a race car driver, just to name a few occupations.

Never thought I would have to add
“high-dollar Vegas call-girl” to that list,
but here we are.

Scare crows… and everyone else.


Look, I know crows are some of the smartest birds on the planet, but do you honestly think they’ll be able to read the scarf? I mean, crucifying a scarecrow in effigy is pretty frightening to begin with, I don’t think the written signage is necessary.