This little piggy…


I mean, OK if you like pigs, but how much pork are you putting in a confection that requires a flour sifter and baking chocolate?
But in all fairness, having a bloody butcher holding a meat cleaver in the picture might not sell that many patterns.


Vest un-dressed?


I don’t really understand why people want to make these kinds of vests, but whatever.
My main concern with this pattern is that “Misty Meadows” sounds like a porn star’s name, and we both know no self-respecting porn star would be caught dead seductively taking off one of these vests on set.

Not feeling my vest right now

As I am currently gearing up to attend the Houston International Quilt Festival, I thought we should round out the season with a selection of questionable wearable art.


I don’t know who Heidi is, but I feel the need to sit her down and give her a long lecture about what is and isn’t appropriate fashion design. I mean, I hesitate to use the word “fashion” when describing this, but “pieced nightmare” seemed a bit harsh.


School is in session


Thanks to Ralph Lauren, the MILLIONS of women who want to dress like a 19th century spinster school teacher FINALLY have a viable sewing option.

If you’ve ever looked at your wardrobe and thought, “this just isn’t parochial enough,”

The 70’s called…


If you stare at those blue hats long enough, the theme song to What’s Happening will start playing in your head. If you don’t hear the What’s Happening theme, but instead hear the theme song to Maude, you’ll need to seek medical attention as quickly as possible.