Male bonding


Guy on left: “Gimmie back my beer, old man.”

Guy on right: “Get bent, whippersnapper. I doubt you’re even old enough to drink it.”

Guy on left: “I’m serious, gramps. That’s my beer and I’ll take you out if I have to.”

Guy on right: “Kiss my backside, pansy! You think just ’cause you got a couple years on me that I can’t kick your hairy ass? I cut my teeth in WWII, believe me when I say I’m trained to kill a man with my bare hands.”

Guy on left: “I swear, if Aunt Ethyl wasn’t trying to take a picture right now, I’d jab these darts so far up your…”

Guy on right: “Just you try it, dimwit. ‘Course, you couldn’t find your own ass with two hands and flashlight; good luck getting a hold of my keister!”


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