Veddy interesting…


If you consider a giant slab of fabric, devoid of creative construction details and/or embellishments, interesting, then more power to ya, honey!


Business casual


A tropical print blazer and matching bikini top…

Because what woman hasn’t had to conduct a board meeting on a beach?

“Here we are in Fiji, and I have to discuss projected sales growth for the global logistics committee. WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO WEAR!?!”

Liar liar, duck on fire!


So, “dressed up” means slapping a ribbon around a duck’s neck and calling it a day? Oh sorry, for Christmas, it gets a wreath. Well EXCUUUUUUUUSE ME, Lake Cottage Applique! Here I thought I’d get a duck in a tux or a ball gown or, Hell, even a pair of overalls, but NOOOOO, just a lousy red ribbon anyone can purchase at the craft store.

Listen up, Lake Cottage Design, when you flash the braggadocios title DRESSED UP DUCK across your pattern sleeve, you damn well better deliver something more than a strip of grosgrain, ya hear!! At least Lucy Lamb isn’t putting on airs and calling herself something she isn’t. She knows her fluffy place and would never sink to such untrue lows.


More for The Harvest

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Girl on right: “He’s the one -the tall guy with the hat.”

Girl on left: “Ahh yes, he will make a fine sacrifice for the dark lord.”

Girl on right: “Now, remember your training. When you approach him, pretend you are scared to cross the street, then when he holds your hand to cross, drain him of his life essence.”

Girl on left: “The Master will devour his soul with relish!”

Girl on right: “OK, get going, and make it quick! We still have to get to school, and you know if we’re late to class just one more time, Mrs. Crabtree is gonna give us detention!”

Girl on left: “I fear her wrath more than the Dark One’s.”

Girl on right: “RIGHT!? At least the Dark One doesn’t give us pop quizzes.”