Fighting fit


A war was brewing over the cut of a little yellow dress…

Lady on right: “So, Suzy how have you…”

Lady on left: ” Save it, Marry Ann. Your little goody-two-shoes routine might work for the commoners, but I’ll never fall for it.”

Lady on right: “Well, I see someone woke up on the wrong side of the kennel this morning. What’s the matter? Didn’t your latest conquest stay all night?

Lady on left: “HA! That’s rich, coming from the queen of the homewreckers. How many husbands have you commandeered lately? It’s so difficult to keep track of it all when you reach triple digits.”

Lady on right: “Wow, all this salt just because I wore a dress that was slightly similar to yours? I can only imagine what would have happened if I wore a matching hat.”

Lady on left: “Right. Like they make hats to fit your fat head.”


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