Lady: “Oooohhhh look  Mike, it’s that party boat with the hot frat boys on it! Oh man, I’d love to skinny dip with that group of studs.”

Guy, yelling: “Hey guys! Wanna tie up and have a deck party?!”

Lady: “Mike! What are you doing?!?  They’re never gonna hang out with us!”

Guy: “You don’t know that; besides, you didn’t think I was gonna let you grope all those hard bodies by yourself, did you?”

Lady: “Ugh, fine. I just hope we have enough beer to keep ’em happy.”

Guy: “Oh don’t worry, we got plenty to occupy them for a long time. Now you get the anchor out while I go below to slip into a Speedo. Oh, and I call dibs on the hottie in the red trunks, so no getting frisky until I look fabulous!!”



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