Happy New Year: Party Time!


Lady in orange: “OK girls, we need to fill out Milly’s dance card before she get’s here. Any suggestions?”

Lady in green: “Ehhh, who cares about that tramp?! She’ll dance with anyone who has a pulse and a bank account!”

Lady in black: “Oh come on Susan, she’s not that bad. She can be nice, well… sometimes.”

Lady in orange: “Yeah Sue, we need to at least appear to be friendly. Now, how about her first slot goes to Travis Wilber?”

Lady in green: “Wait, isn’t he the guy with the slipped disc who can’t make a move without his walker?

Lady in black: “Yeah, and isn’t he the one with the bad body odor that smells like garlic and cat food?”

Lady in orange: “HE CERTAINLY IS! Now, who else can I pair that boyfriend stealing trollop with tonight?!”



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