New Years Eve: Planning The BIG night


Guy in blue and white shirt: “So, are ‘ya goin’ to Steve and Johnny’s New Year’s Eve party or not?”

Guy B: “Gosh, I don’t know. Last year they made us all go skinny dipping in his pool at midnight. Man, I caught a cold from that and was sick for a week. Besides, I’m kinda shy about stuff like that…”

Guy A: ” Oh come on, ‘ya big baby! From what I saw when you dropped your drawers, you ain’t got nothing to be shy about!”

Guy B, blushing: “I mean… gosh guys… I dunno…”

Guy in blue and white shirt: “Oh that’s right! Everyone was staring at you! Hell man, you were the center of attention! I almost forgot that’s why we started calling you BIG MIKE!”

Guy A:  “I mean, damn son! If that’s what we call you when it’s freezing cold, I can’t imagine the nickname you’ll get at the naked weenie roast they have planned for this year’s party!!”



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