Morning run


Maybe he should have done a little more training…

Guy in middle: “Oh Hell! Whose idea was this stupid marathon anyway?! I’m dying and we’re not even at the half-way mark!!!!”

Guy on right: “Quit your bitching, Kyle. And this isn’t a marathon; it’s a Half K Fun Run… for charity.”

Guy in middle: “OH gawd! My feet hurt! It’s too hot for this! I’m dying!!”

Guy on left: “Suck it up, you big baby! If you’re hot, lose the jacket. You’re the idiot who got us the jogging suits with shoulder pads anyway. You have only yourself to blame.”

Guy in middle: “I just know I’m getting a blister! Screw it! I’m catching a cab at the next intersection. Those stupid needy kids can keep the damn entrance fee! I need a massage!!”


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