We’re all family


Lady on left: “Well, tonight’s the big night! I finally get to meet your parents! I’m so glad you invited them to dinner.”

Lady on right: “Yeah, about that…see, they still don’t know we’re an item. In fact, I still haven’t told them that I’m… well…”

Lady on right: “Wait! You mean to tell me your parents don’t know that you’re… and that we’re… OMG Maggie! What’s wrong with you?!”

Lady on right: “Well, I told them I met someone named Leslie, and they assumed you were a guy. I just never corrected them. I’m sorry.”

Lady on left: “I mean… well… It’s OK… I just hope they don’t get upset when they find out.”

Lady on right: “I can’t imagine they would. Growing up, my bedroom walls were covered in Melissa Etheridge posters; so at this point, they probably just need the confirmation to settle a bet.”



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