For the boy…



Grace and Mable had something to discuss…

Lady on right: “So wait, you’re telling me you and Bobby still haven’t… YOU KNOW! Honey, it’s been like a month.”

Lady on left: “Nope. Not even once. Honestly, he’s been a perfect gentleman. He didn’t even try to sneak in a kiss while we were at the Bette Midler concert.”

Lady on right: “Yeah, I sill don’t know why you wanted to go see her. I mean, she’s good, but not really your style.”

Lady on left: “Oh, it was Bobby’s idea. We had a blast that day! First we went to the gym together… Bobby’s ALWAYS at the gym. Then we went clothes shopping… Bobby LOVES trying on clothes. Then we went to this cute little bistro in the artsy district, then the concert. He knew every word to every song!”

Lady on right: “Uhhh, sweetie, we need to have a little talk about Bobby…”


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