Friends indeed!


At the Women’s Auxiliary luncheon, entertainment was on the menu…

Lady on left: “OH BOY! I know it’s bad form to laugh at others’ misfortune, but I just can’t help it! I love watching Maggie act like an idiot!”

Lady on right: “You said it! NO ONE can make a buffoon of herself like good old Maggs.”

Lady on left: “The broken heel, the spilled drink, the contents of her handbag pouring out for all the world to see… and in front of the cute waiter she’s been trying to impress all day long. What a shame.”

Lady on right: “Yeah, can you imagine her utter disappointment when she finds out the guy she’s been trying to woo is actually gay?”

Lady on left: “Oh dear. That would just break her poor, little, miserable heart.”

Lady on right: “It sure would… LET’S GO TELL HER!!!”


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