In Memoriam


I’ve been staring at this pattern for about ten minutes now, trying to think of something funny to say, but alas, I have nothing, because this pattern stands as a grim reminder of what was actually worn in the 80’s.

I recall vivid memories of women buying blouses like this at the store, and when the blouse had done its duty and made the solemn trip to the Goodwill pile, the should pads were saved and stuffed in a shoe box marked SHOULDER PADS. Those pads were then harvested when this pattern was purchased, with the intent of production because, hey, those were good shoulder pads.

That was a dark age. An age of over-inflated scapula that were built on the backs of scavenged pads. Lets us never forget those times, and let us never repeat them.

We’ll now take a moment of silence to remember the brave women who valiantly wore this look to the office because it was all they knew to do.

May we forever hold them in our hearts.


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