About last night…



This post originally appeared on January 17, 2012

Actually, I have no problem with this pattern at all. I just wondered what they were talking about over coffee…

Guy B: “Steve, I’m worried. What if Susan learns what we…we… did last night?”

Buy A: “Mike, I’ve told you a hundred times; everything is going to be OK. No one will ever find out. We were very discreet.”

Guy B: “I don’t know how I can live the guilt of making her cry. She means so much to me. It’s not everyone out there who can find a friend like her. I think, in another time and place we could have been married.”

Guy A: “I know Mike, but let’s face it; we did her a favor by killing the abusive bastard that was beating her. By now his body is resting comfortably in the belly of an alligator somewhere in a backwater bayou, and you have a chance to be with the girl you love.”

Guy B: “Is it really that simple to you Steve?”

Guy A: “It is Mike. It is.”


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