What’s your sign?


At the Wednesday night singles get-together,
a few of the guys got to know each other…

Guy in red shirt: “Yeah, so then I applied for the administrative position and got it. You have no idea how busy the life of a tax attorney’s junior partner can be, let me tell ya! There was this one case where the client filed a W-1094 form when he should have filed a W-1095 form and oh boy, was that an exciting four months in the office, I can assure you! And another time…”

Guy in white, thinking: “I swear to God, if this putz drones on for one more minute about tax law and fetching files, I’m going to karate chop the bastard square in the Adam’s apple.”

Guy in blue shirt: “Hey, you should feel my shirt, ’cause it’s made of… boyfriend material (wink) …”


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