Real fruit flavor

june2014q(This pattern comes courtesy of my friend Tamsin.
She runs Berrima Patchwork in the land of Oz!)

Why is dad wearing a soft toilet seat cover on his head? The last time I checked, Lifesavers came in a foil wrapper. If it’s supposed to be a piece of candy, when did they start packing Pep-O-Mint in the fruity tube?
It’s probably not his fault though; I mean, just look at his face. You can tell that man is 120% done with Halloween and is just biding his time until the bars open.

Also, were there no green tights and T-shirts at the store? The kids bothered to color coordinate, but clearly mom has given up on caring and decided to shatter the giant candy illusion by clashing and wearing a trashcan lid as a hat. THANKS, LADY!


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