School spirit


S’up with the chick in the red’s face?

Lady on left: “Hmmm, it says here that she’s supposed to be in Biology 102 right now.”

Lady on right: “Awww, too bad she’s going to miss that lecture. I hear it’s important for the mid-term too.”

Lady in back: “Umm, guys… could I please have my date book back? I need to get to class and I don’t want to miss any…”

Lady on left: “Oh no sweetie, we’re going to hang on to this for a little while. If you want it back, you’ll need to get busy polishing all our shoes.”

Lady in back: “B-b-but… class…”

Lady on right: “Awww, is the widdle baby gonna kwy? Well, cry all you want kitten,  but you’d better be doing it with a can of Kiwi in your hand!”

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