With a twist


I had no idea Vogue hired contortionists as models, back in the day. I’ve been staring at her pose for hours now and I can’t figure out which direction she’s actually facing!


She dominates the competition


Girl on left: “Hey Sandy, wanna play some doubles with me and the girls?

Girl on right: “Oh wow, that sounds like fun, but I have a client in a few minutes. I just ran back to get my riding crop.”

Girl on left: “Umm, when did you start training horses?”

Girl on right: “Oh, I don’t train horses. My client is a business executive that insists he’s been a naughty boy. I just have to call him a pig and smack him on the rump a few times with this and he starts crying like a little bitch. I kinda feel bad for taking his money, but at this rate, I’ll have any future college plans paid for in a few more weeks!”