With a twist


I had no idea Vogue hired contortionists as models, back in the day. I’ve been staring at her pose for hours now and I can’t figure out which direction she’s actually facing!


Davy Crockett was here


Knowing when this pattern was produced, it wouldn’t surprise me if it came with instructions for skinning an actual ‘coon.

Also, that kid looks just a little to eager to test out his pistol.

She dominates the competition


Girl on left: “Hey Sandy, wanna play some doubles with me and the girls?

Girl on right: “Oh wow, that sounds like fun, but I have a client in a few minutes. I just ran back to get my riding crop.”

Girl on left: “Umm, when did you start training horses?”

Girl on right: “Oh, I don’t train horses. My client is a business executive that insists he’s been a naughty boy. I just have to call him a pig and smack him on the rump a few times with this and he starts crying like a little bitch. I kinda feel bad for taking his money, but at this rate, I’ll have any future college plans paid for in a few more weeks!”