Bigger is better


Somewhere in the Simplicity pattern drafting studio…

Pattern maker #1: “Sir, I finished the dinner suit pattern and calculated the yardages. I’ll call the sample maker to make sure she has enough pink satin.”

Supervisor: “Hold up there, Quickdraw! This basic jacket isn’t finished yet. I think we need to make the shoulder line wider and the sleeve looks much too simple. Try fulling it out at the armhole.”

Pattern maker #1: “But, if I do that, it won’t be terribly flattering and they’ll have to use massive shoulder pads that will probably make her look like a linebacker.”

Supervisor: “Look here, Sport! I didn’t get to this position by giving the customers flattering designs that work in the real world. Where do you think you work? Vogue? Now, blow those sleeve heads up and get this to production STAT!”



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