Are you hungry?



This post originally appeared on July 26, 2012

Papa Penguin (under his breath): “Well dear, it seems we’ve raised yet another child who can’t catch fish like a normal penguin.”

Mama Penguin (under her breath): “I know honey. I guess we’ll just have to feed him to the polar bears like the last three.”

Kid Penguin: “Look daddy! I caught another one!”

Papa Penguin: “That’s great son, but let’s pack it up; we’re going to visit some old friends now.”

Kid Penguin: “Oh boy! Are we staying for dinner?”

Papa Penguin: “Well, YOU are…”


On my mind

feb2014sI know the guy in green is used to depict an alternated design for the tank top, but the way they are arranged makes it look like they had an argument and the guy in green stormed off and is now walking the lonely streets while the guy in plaid dreams longingly of the good times they had together in the past. He knows he can’t stay mad at him and decides to cook something special for dinner to make it up to him.




Friends and enemies

feb2014pI refuse to believe the ballet snob is friends with the jocks and cheerleader.

Maybe they sit by each other in homeroom or maaaaaaaybe the football player once borrowed a pencil from the dance girl (and seriously,the only way he’d even talk to her is because she has a dancer’s butt and he’s, well, a dude), but honestly, Gingham Goose, if you think I’m going to believe that these four hang out on a regular basis, you are sadly mistaken.


Polly wanna black eye?



This post originally appeared on December 29, 2011

“I swear to God, you stupid bird, if you bite me just one more time, I’m going to pluck your ass bald and serve you for Sunday’s dinner.”

Also, is it me, or does her hair look like a surfer should be riding that wave?