Well opossums, it’s that magical time of the year again and here at Sad Patterns, we thought we’d help you prepare the perfect holiday setting by providing you with some glorious, festive decor.


Imagine having your Christmas goose cooked and eating it next to the blind reindeer of despair. Yes, you too can look sorrow straight in the non-existent eyes and ponder your purpose on this planet all while crying and passing the mashed potatoes across the table. What’s that sound? That’s your soul being sucked away by Roudoulph the Albino Specter.

Not festive enough? Well then, how about some charming Christmas carolers to sing you the songs of yore?

dec2013sDid I say sign? I meant pose in a provocative way that suggests they aren’t going to be doing a whole lot of singing because their mouths will be otherwise… ummm… occupied.

Yes, with just a little paper mache and paint, you too can have these dirty little singers highlight any joyous, yuletide activity.

Well kids, I think that’s all the ho ho ho, I can stand; so, to you and yours, have a fantastic and bad-sewing free holiday.


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