Cause I am Mr Ed?

Well opossums, I’ve come to the conclusion that my Saturdays are getting a bit hectic and I am finding that I have less time to devote to Sad Patterns on the weekends; therefore, I have made a decision!

We will no longer be examining a particular subject on Saturday; instead, we will move it to Monday because frankly, I said so.

I have no clever name for this feature, so let’s pretend that I came up with something hilarious and laugh so hard we pee a little.

Having said that…

Nothing says “this time of the year” like reindeer.

They are magical creatures that help Santa haul a butt-load of toys around the world and, let’s face it, they are cheap labor and will more than likely, never form a union and picket the jolly old overlord elf.

But, remember what site you’re on.

Reindeer are a little expensive this time of year, so in an effort to operate within our .47 cent, yearly budget, we’ve settled on some reindeer that don’t have the optional antler feature.

So, saddle up and rope them doggies, ’cause every MONDAY in December, Sad Patterns is yelling:

dec2013eNow, I know that counted cross stitch is a labor of love, but does your labor have to be so boring? Although, the horses head position does remind me of something.


You know what this image needs? COLOR!


That’s MUCH better!


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