Well, thanks for nothing!

In an effort to relive the nostalgia of Thanksgivings past, from now until the 28th, Sad Patterns will be looking back at Thanksgiving themed posts from the archives. This bumpy trip down memory lane will culminate in a new post for Thanksgiving day! 

In all fairness, the new post will just just add to the nostalgia fodder making this week one more moving part in the viscous cycle that is remembering the past.

So, pass the yams people, it’s time to give thanks!

This post originally appeared on November 24, 2011.

“…And then children, the brave pilgrims set off across the vast ocean to colonize America. When they arrived on the rocky shores, they presented the natives with crocheted pants, dresses and matching headbands, all stitched in boring earth tones. The catatonic, twin squirrels just stood there in awe as the baby’s breath rapidly grew in around them. Then they all sat down to a turkey dinner, lovingly prepared by the matriarch of the family. The turkey was dry, but no one complained, because they all knew if someone made a snide comment about Ma’s bird, they would get slapped.”



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