Tick-tock, on the clock…

oct2013uGuy on right: “Hey Ted, what time should I set your alarm for?”

Guy on left: “Like it maters Mike; with your snoring, I won’t be getting any sleep anyway.”

Guy on right: “WHAT!? I’ve never heard you complain before!”

Guy on left: “Oh, I complained. You just couldn’t hear me over the 50 lumberjacks sawing logs that is your nightly symphony.”

Guy on right: “Well, I’m terribly sorry. I had no idea.”

Guy on left: “That’s OK, but frankly speaking, I’d rather it wasn’t your snoring that kept me up at night.”

Guy on right: “Ooohhh that’s sexy… but I have a meeting in the morning and you’re just gonna have to wear earplugs tonight.”


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