Room to breathe

sep2013xOh boy! I was worried that I could never find a pattern for inflatable pants.
Thanks Butterick!

Although, I’m not sure these will get as puffy as I need them to be.


Personal space



sep2013wThe coat pattern doesn’t bother me so much as the creeper in the glasses with his arm around that terribly unsuspecting lady.

Seriously, he looks like the kind of guy who has a mirror mounted to the ceiling over his water-bed.

Gifts for all

sep2013uThis pattern seems innocuous enough until you get to the last two images at the bottom.

The bear-faced bag might seem out of place, but when I first saw the picture, I thought the camera was a gun and that it was kind of clever to hide a sidearm in something innocent so that would-be assailants wouldn’t suspect you’re packing heat.

The things in the lower right… umm, I have no idea what the Hell those are nor do I have any suppositions as to their functions. I’m just going to assume they are the result of a patternmaking clerical error and really don’t belong in this set.

A “T” for two

sep2013tOh goody. Yet ANOTHER his and her caftan/tunic pattern. Gosh, I just can’t get enough of these things. Oh look how cute the contrast denim and gingham ones are. Ain’t it adorable? I could look at this kind of pattern forever. Or to put it another way: