Batter up?


When curling up with a good book or E-reader (just doesn’t sound the same, but ehh, it’s 2013, what are you gonna do?), it’s always nice to have a comfy pillow to either lean on or snuggle with. The pattern companies of the world know this fact and have provided the populous with a bevy of wonderful sewing patterns to help you find the best possible way to express your individualism AND achieve the most comfort when enjoying your favorite, relaxing pastime.

Oh wait; I forgot what site I was working on for a second.

That’s right opossums! Every Saturday in August, we’ll be looking hard at the soft furnishings of your comfort zone.

It’s time to get down, (GET IT?? DOWN?!!?) ’cause Sad Patterns is burying our faces in a whole lot of:


aug2013bLittle Billy there looks like someone just told him his pet goldfish died and was flushed down the toilet.

Now, I don’t play a whole lot of sports, but something tells me that swinging a bat that large  at a ball that flat is against the rules. Also, for a little kid to be holding the bat cushion in that position isn’t exactly polite; in fact, it’s rather obnoxious. 

I’m beginning to think that the designer of this pattern doesn’t participate in that many sporting events either.




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