Remember when…

Today starts a new feature here on Sad Patterns!

I know I can feel the excitement! Of course, that could just be the Lucky Charms I had for breakfast repeating on me, but I digress…

With a veritable landfill’s work of terrible patterns to work with, I am declaring Fridays here on Sad Patterns FLASHBACK FRIDAYS and will be dipping into the archives to resuscitate a memorable post. I’ll try to add insights to what I was thinking about when riffing on the sewing atrocity, but mainly we’re here to laugh… and possibly regret owning the pattern in the first place.

Strap in people because we’re doing the Time Warp again!

This post originally appeared on August 10, 2011.

I found it odd that the biggest feature of this pattern – the rabbit costume – wasn’t included in the pattern.

If you see someone dressed in this costume and approaching you with a basket of stuffed bunnies, it is either:

A – The real Easter bunny here to spread joy and laughter to all the children of the world.

B – Happy Suzie, the bunny-gram your mom paid for to entertain all the kids at the Easter parade down at the church.

C – Creepy Mr. Jacobs violating his restraining order again.

Also, because it’s now stuck in my head:



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