Come play with us

Ah yes, the reckless abandon of youthful innocence; how I long for the glorious zeal of those heady salad days. Playing in the grass, childish discovery and the wanton disregard for growing up gets compacted into a few wonderful years of fun and excitement… what bliss…

Well, you can toss all of that crap out the window, because this is Sad Patterns and we a’int been youthful in a LONG time.

In an effort to connect to a forgotten childhood best left abandoned, I thought we’d take a look at the only children we seem to deal with on this site – the scary ones.

It’s time to clutch your security blankets and hide under the covers, ‘cause every Saturday in July, Sad Patterns is keeping tabs on


jul2013f Wait, shouldn’t these two be standing in a hallway opposite a kid on a Big Wheel while visions of a bloody tidal wave flash before us?

Now, I’m all for whimsical prints, but these two look like psycho-killer matryoshka dolls contemplating their next victims.


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