Family get-togethers



Somewhere at the Parker’s annual family Fourth of July picnic…

Boy: “Dammit Iris, could we please get through just one family event without an argument?”

Girl: “Well, frankly, it’s all your fault Steve. If you had just let me pick out our outfits instead of insisting we wear these matching, fabric nightmares that your Aunt Edna made for us, I wouldn’t be in a bad mood.”

Boy: “Hey, she put a lot of time and effort into these ensembles!”

Girl: “Time and effort? We look like we’re wearing the entire Fourth of July aisle at Wal-Mart! Hell, she probably got the fabric for this crap from the clearance rack last year!”

Boy: “Well, there’s nothing wrong with be thrifty.”

Girl: “I am soooo divorcing you when we get home.”


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