Hey sailor…

jul2013bSomewhere at the K.P. Kid’s & Co. patternmaking studio…

Patternmaker #1: “Hey Suzie, can you help me with this pattern? I’m stuck on these applique motifs. So far I have stars, hearts and sailboats. What am I missing?”

Patternmaker #2: “Oh I think that’s plenty, but I’m not sold on the shape. It’s not everyone who can wear a form flattering dress with a zipper down the back. You should make it fuller at the waist and make sure it doesn’t look good on anyone. Actually, if you can make them look like 19th century, spinster school teachers, that’d be awesome!”

Patternmaker #1: “Umm, I’m not sure that pattern will sell very well. Most women want clothes that fit and work with their bodies.”

Patternmaker #2: “Honey, what planet are you living on? Our customer is so not interested in looking good. Now, if you want to keep your job, you’ll puff out that waistline and slap a sailor collar on those things. Also, make it really long. Long dresses work great on everyone. Oh, and when you do the photo shoot, put a couple of the models in ridiculous hats. ¬†Nothing says ‘I AM WOMAN’ like a hat from Pollyanna’s garage sale.”



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