In perfect order?

Oh those naked appliances! You just know you want to dress them in their Sunday best every day of the week, don’t you? If only there were a few patterns out there that allowed you to do just this.

Oh wait.

There are.

Yes, that’s right kids. This month of Saturdays we’ll be exploring that bastion of Americana, we know and love, called appliance covers.

Just when you thought it was safe to put your Cuisinart out on the counter with nary a stitch betwixt it and the cold, cold world, our favorite patternmakers are here to brighten your day with oodles of designs to hide your cooking shame.

Turn off the Magimix and stop the blender, ‘cause Sad Patterns presents:



I’d say that someone with OCD arranged those back shelves, but you know an amateur did it because the canisters aren’t in alphabetical order.

So, with all that crap on the counters, where does this person chop vegetables? I can’t even imagine the rearranging that must go on in this kitchen just to make a damn sandwich!


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