Un-stable sewing

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Kingwood Area Quilt Guilt quilt show with my mom (Kingwood is north of Houston in case you were wondering). The quilts on display were beautiful! I have to say, The KAQG puts on a very nice show, so it’s always a good time!

 Within the show is an area called the Fish Pond. This is a place to find gently loved fabric and sewing things that need a good home. On one of the tables sat a couple of boxes of sewing patterns that, for lack of better term, were terribly, terribly sad. How could I resist when friend of the site Alice kept telling me “wouldn’t this make a great Sad Pattern?”

Yes Alice. Yes it would.

There were PLENTY to choose from, but I settled on some that will be showcased over the next few days.


 I think these two are staring at the exit so they can go change. Hell, even the horse looks confused and ready to go.

Jan Way promises “more fun and easy projects in the creative way series”. Let’s all pray really hard that this series gets canceled.

The clothes are bad enough, but what colorblind idiot put that unfortunate model in turquoise pumps and a matching belt? And that hair! I’ve seen show poodles with less fluff over their ears!

The male model is at least less garish on the accessory front, but dude, stop volumizing your hair because you’re starting to look like a Matt Houston’s stunt double.



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