You’re a dirty bird!

Every Saturday this month I thought we should focus on our roots and pay homage to that ubiquitous staple of the sewing room, the pin cushion.

We all have them. Those oh-so-precious stuffed porcupines that hold every pin but the one we’re looking for.

Where did that sewing needle go? Oh that’s right, it’s buried 2 inches deep in the center of the stuffing along with the rest of the other ones you “lost” and had to replace.

Well now, it’s time to lengthen your stitch and wind your bobbins ‘cause Sad Patterns is checking out those


Whoever decorated this room needs to be drawn and quartered in a public square.apr2013d

What the Hell kind of drug riddled freak invented that psychedelic avian sewing aid down there?

It’s like Raggedy Ann and the Admiral Bird from Pinwheel had a baby on Sesame Street!

And what’s up with the pocketed wall hanger?

That fabric background is busier than a one-legged dancer at a Rockettes audition.


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