Some pig

arp2013yNice one Country Patterns.

Let’s make some adorable stuffed piggies then advertise bacon on the back wall.

How insensitive can you be?

It’s bad enough the guy pig is overweight and that the lady pig has a broom shoved down her backside, but seriously, you have to remind them that they’ll be served next to the toast and orange juice?!?

That’s just cold blooded.



N-ice outfit?

apr2013xOK, this is the second pattern I feature from Ms. Hamill and frankly speaking, I hope it is NOT the last! This darling of the ice skating world signed off on such horrible clothes, I’m thinking I’ll have pattern fodder for the next 2 years.

Now, whether or not she actually designed the clothes for Butterick or just approved the designs is irrelevant. The only matter I’m concerned with is the fact that she is standing there in coordinating red & white and forcing a smile that says “this turd of an outfit is hitting the trashcan as soon as I get the check.”

Thank you Dorothy! You make my job easy!

These little piggies…



apr2013wI know we are supposed to be focusing on the pin cushions here, but seriously, there are pattern pieces included for a wall quilt of two pigs locked in a staring contest, in a womb.




And don’t even get me started on the evil-eye bunnies in the upper right!

Now, you could just get the pattern for the pin cushions, but who are you kidding? You know you’re going to make the quilts, so just get enough fabric now!

God Bless you Marjorie Puckett!

You deliver like no other pattern designer in the world!

Playground crush


It’s always awkward the first time you ask someone out…

Kid in #9 shirt: “So how about it Jason? Wanna go to the spring formal with me?”

Kid in green pants: “You know I’m straight, right?”

Kid in blue shirt: “Hey Travis… so I was wondering… you know… if you don’t have any plans on Friday night… m-m-maybe we could… oh I don’t know… maybe grab a bite to eat and then go see…”

Kid in striped shirt: “Shhhhhh. It’s OK Mike. You had me at ‘Hey’!”

Come on; get happy!

apr2013vMaybe it’s the hair, but I’m definitely getting a major David Cassidy via The Partridge Family vibe off of this picture. I don’t think he’d walk around with an embroidered rose on the back of his jacket, but there is always a possibility that he is secretly sneaking into Susan’ Dey’s closet every now and again to try on some choice pieces.

Hey little bird



Yes, because when you want to sell a delicate painting, you use the words ‘crab apple’.

There was a ‘painted clothing’ craze that swept the early 90’s. Some of the artists were pretty good; unfortunately, most weren’t, but thanks to instruction books like this, anyone could aspire to be a half-ass Picasso overnight!

Personally, don’t see the point of having a paint-by-number bluebird hovering over your right boob, but whatever makes you happy, I guess.