Pinch hitter


Cindy and Sue had something to discuss on their lunch break…

Lady on left: “Hey Cindy, I think Mr. Johnson pinched my behind this morning. I mean, I could have just backed into something, but he was right there and it really felt like he got a handful.”

Lady on right: “That wasn’t your imagination honey. He plays grab-ass with everyone in the secretary pool. Last month he chased me around the desk then tried to kiss me.”

Lady on left: “Oh gosh! Someone should alert HR and confront him!”

Lady on right: “Nah. I just threatened to tell his wife unless he bought me a new designer handbag I’d had my eye on.”

Lady on left: “That’s terrible! I can’t imagine you’d put up with that!”

Lady on right: “Hey, I wasn’t complaining; besides, if you play your cards right with him, you could end up with those expensive shoes you saw at Neimans”

Lady on left: “I would NEVER debase myself…. wait, you mean the black Manolo’s with the rhinestone buckles? Umm… remind me again what time he gets back from lunch…”


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