Big hat. No cattle.

Here in Houston, there is a city-wide wave of dementia that sweeps over everyone in late February and early March and results in several thousand people sharing a delusion that they live on a ranch and ride horses to work.

Is it some parasitic organism that infects the unsuspecting masses?

Nope, it’s the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

In honor of the millions of times I had to do “rodeo art” or participate in the myriad “Go Texan” days at school, I thought Sad Patterns should take a look at the standard garb of the drugstore cowboys and girls that frequent stables and sheep shearers this time of the year. Ladies and the 2.4 gentlemen who read this blog, Sad Patterns proudly presents:



Guy B is interested in learning about modern farming technology so that his family ranch can succeed in these trying, agricultural times.

Guy A is interested in guy B.


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