Under the sea?

I want to thank my dear friend Ruby for today’s and tomorrow’s Sad Patterns. I recently helped her clean up a few things and we found these treasures just waiting to be devoured!


Somewhere in the Butterick pattern factory…

Patternmaker #1: “Hey guys, this fairy costume pattern is almost done. I have a flying fairy and a fairy godmother, but I need a third pattern for the printers. Any suggestions?”

Patternmaker #2: “Yeah, why don’t you include a Cinderella costume? She had a fairy godmother.”

Patternmaker #1: “That’s been done before…”

Patternmaker #3: “Well then, how about a Prince Charming costume? It’s a bit of a stretch, but it would kinda fit the theme.”

Patternmaker #1: “That’s boring…”

Patternmaker #4: “Hey how about a mermaid? They have nothing to do with fairies and live underwater. I mean, some castles have moats; maybe they have a mermaid living in the moat.”

Patternmaker #1: “NOW YOU’RE TALKING!”


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