Lower the draw bridge!


I’m not sure I have ever had the urge to knit a castle scene, but if I did, this is the one to make. The scale is a bit off with the knight and horse, but overall, I approve.

My only gripe is that the unicorn is small. If you’re going to have a magical creature trotting around the garden, it had better be awesome and overpowering.

Now you’re talking!


Skeleton dance

“Sorry, no returns on patterns”… I can see why.

Between the skeleton with cartoon glove hands and the mini-me vampire, I can’t imagine you’d ever want this stinker coming back once you got it out of the store.

Just paint the damn picture already…

Wow, I’ve never seen women, dressed in such festive clothes, look this pissed off before.

I’m thinking the stylist lied to them.

They were probably told that they would be wearing business casual for a photo shoot, but when they got to the set they were given these things to wear and then had to sit for 3 hours while an illustrator painted them.

Let the children play

Boy, upper left, white shorts– eating a booger

Girl, upper right, pink shorts– just went “poopies” and is slightly embarrassed about it

Boy, in middle, yellow stripes – blows that party favor just one more time and is going to get a time out.

Boy, in front, green plaid – sitting on the stool the way his forty-five year old dad does when he wants to impress the twenty-four year old preschool teacher.

Back to the U.S.S.R.

To be read in a heavy Russian accent:

Guy on left: “This ridiculous Boris! I trained at Bolshi ballet! I can’t believe I have been reduced to costume dancing at circus!”

Guy on right: “Shut up Nikoli! Do you want owner to hear you and make you ride unicycle in bear costume again??!!”

Cross my moat!


Boy on left: “Hey Sir Johnny! Do you want to play knights and dragons with my new enchanted castle-bed that Merlin just conjured up for me?”

Boy on right: “Do you mean: do I want to pretend your fabric headboard is a crappy castle as you chase me around three sides of your lame twin bed while making roaring noises? Umm… no.”

Boy on left: “Dude, why the Hell am even I friends with you?”