Touched by an angel

The people at Annie’s Attic really know how to relate to little girls…

“Honey, your doll is dead and going straight to heaven so you’ll never be able to play with her again. Now, run along and befriend another doll before she dies too.”

On another note, when I hear the word ‘angel’, the last two colors I think of are pink and purple. It’s like the one in front is a full-fledged guardian and the one behind still hasn’t passed basic training and is forced to wear the school uniform of Heaven University.


Spell it out

If your dumb ass needs to applique the names of the classes you are taking, on the pockets of the tote bag for those classes, then you have more issues than this pattern can fix.

Just point to it


I guess it makes sense that men’s and boy’s swim suits look alike.

There is nothing wrong with the plaid version, but unless you are raising your little boy to be a future gigolo, he probably doesn’t need a giant, blue and red striped arrow pointing to his crotch when he’s swingning from the jungle gym.

There’s gonna be a rumble!

I had no idea that the Santa from South Park had his own sewing pattern!

Actually, whenever I see this pattern, I like to pretend that the turkeys and Santa are on opposite sides of the table and the utensils are weapons. It started out peacefully, but after a snide remark from the turkeys about Rudolph’s nose, an all-out turf war was waged to determine the king of the holiday table!