From the grave to the stars

So let me get this straight.
For Halloween, my kid can be a disco-dancing skeleton, a pajama-clad astronaut or Rosemary’s baby?


Betsey Wetsy

This month we’ve been following the magical world of hats. Normally, this post would appear on Saturday, but I thought that you needed it today because of this special report!

Word came down yesterday evening that Betsey Johnson had filled for bankruptcy and is closing most of the satellite stores across America.

You can read the whole story here.

In honor of this news, I present to you…


Fashion designers from all over the world have long had relationships with pattern companies.

These two hat patterns come from the happy-go-lucky mind of Betsey Johnson.

Now, I’m no Seventh Avenue designer, but it seems to me that Betsey took the same hat from Alley Cat and passed it off as one she designed for her eponymous house.

Sneeky Betsey!

The Alley Cat one seems a bit ineffectual to me. What’s the point of doing a bit of gardening if you have to constantly hold up your hat’s brim?

At least the white hat pattern comes with cool lace-up moccasins.


FINALLY! A children’s costume pattern that I think is kind of awesome!

Let’s face it, there are plenty out there that are borderline crap. This one, this one, oh and definitely this one come to mind.

This comic book character pattern is an example of how you take something from pop culture and make it into something age appropriate.

I like the fact that they turned the super hero speedos into a looser boxer short shape and that they included a girl on the pattern sleeve. This shows a genuine understanding of children’s wear and marketing.

Who knew Simplicity had it in them?

Give peas a chance

I realize that there are a lot of grandmothers out there who love to make these adorable bibs; but frankly, I’ve never understood the point of spending hours on end hand-sewing an applique bib only to have little junior vomit strained carrots all over it.

The overhead bin is full

Hey weary travelers!

You no longer have to worry about paying for that extra carry on!

Thanks to the geniuses at Simplicity, you can stuff those extra toiletries in your blouse sleeves!

Sure you’ll look like an idiot, but at least Delta isn’t getting any extra money out of you!