Some bunny loves you



This post originally appeared on May 26, 2011

I have a few questions about this image: Why is Vincent Price dressed up as a rabbit who works at Wendy’s? Why is Rosanne Barr’s mini-me so happy? Where is the little boy’s left hand? Where are the parents? What flavor are the cupcakes?

The world may never know…


Quit jerkin me around!


Don’t get me wrong, I really do respect Perry Ellis for defining the look of American Sportswear in the 80′s, but bishop sleeves, even short ones, are dicey proposals at best. Add in a tuxedo bib and slouchy turtle neck and you get an outfit  that looks like it’s casual day in a Renaissance court.


Plenty of room


This outfit is the jumpsuit equivalent of sweat pants.

If you’re walking out of the house in this look, you’re pretty much giving up on what you look like and are headed to the store to get more cans of frosting to eat for dinner.

The air up there



This post originally appeared on January 23, 2012

There are several model poses that have been used throughout the years to show off a garment’s best attributes; however, the “raise your leg and air out your crotch under a giant burlap skirt” pose never really took off.

School spirit


S’up with the chick in the red’s face?

Lady on left: “Hmmm, it says here that she’s supposed to be in Biology 102 right now.”

Lady on right: “Awww, too bad she’s going to miss that lecture. I hear it’s important for the mid-term too.”

Lady in back: “Umm, guys… could I please have my date book back? I need to get to class and I don’t want to miss any…”

Lady on left: “Oh no sweetie, we’re going to hang on to this for a little while. If you want it back, you’ll need to get busy polishing all our shoes.”

Lady in back: “B-b-but… class…”

Lady on right: “Awww, is the widdle baby gonna kwy? Well, cry all you want kitten,  but you’d better be doing it with a can of Kiwi in your hand!”